Research and Developement

Ideas shaped by State of the art multiphysics analysis

The company has been conducting research operations in the energy, marine, and mechanical sectors by solving various types of engineering challenges. Our R&D teams conceive original ideas for new products, introduce them into practice thrue advanced virtual simulations. We are responsible for product development and qualification from market definition through production and release. Conducting feasibility studies, testing on new and modified designs, direct and support detailed design, prototype fabrication and manufacturing ramp.

Latest references

Punionice za električne bicikle-automatski prepoznaje sve vrste baterija i nudi raznovrsne priključke (FER & AD)
Mobile winturbines various types testing and assesments.

Industrial Design

High precision 3d modelling and quality design

Our teams provide all required product documentation including, but not limited to, Solid Model, 2D/3D production drawings, product specifications, and testing requirements. We create and modify detailed drawings and drafting or conceptual models from layouts, rough sketches or notes and contribute to design modifications to facilitate manufacturing operation or quality of the product.

Latest references

Ballast water management system (BWMS) is based on a combination of filtration and UV technologies.
Hydrophore systems provide even water distribution from its source all the way to all user points.

Production and Prototyping

Production documentation processing and 3d printing technologies

The company has been conducting production operations in the energy, marine, and mechanical sectors by executing various types of production challenges. We have large industry production facilities at disposal with experienced know-how legacy thus our final product is jet at uncompromised quality level. We conduct production assesment of variouos designs, direct and support production processes regarding of prototype fabrication or large scale manufacturing.

Latest references

Software Tools Compliance

A right tool for best task performance is cruical in any project developement. We choose the most efficient and proficiency compatibile software platforms.

Our professional experience grants your mission on time deployment success