UA 3D printed shoes are generatively designed with Autodesk Within software

Since 2015, Autodesk offers Autodesk Within, an additive-manufacturing software tool. Within models lattices which are usually difficult or impossible to model. Lattice structures use less material because they are porous. This means lighter parts for models. In the medical field this means a more membrane-like way of imitating anatomical structures.

The Within lattice library allows you to identify the type of microstructure that you would like to add to your design. The built-in Nastran solver runs stress and structural analysis on your lattice design. By using Within, you may stumble upon new design possibilities.

An example of Autodesk Within software in action are UA 3D printed shoes which were designed and optimised using Within. In order to assist athletes through the most rigorous workouts, a team of designers decided to create a lightweight, highly stable and cushioning foot. The first 3D-printed performance trainer to be available commercially is called ArchiTech.