Marine Engineering


Based on wide range of marine engineering application experience, our team is qualified for deploment of most demanding task in marine engineering fields.

Enginering disciplines

  • Basic design
  • Class drawings and approval
  • Hydrostatics and resistance calculations
  • Stability and global strenght calculations
  • Hull and structure workshop documentation
  • Nesting and lofting documentation
  • Machinery arrangement
  • Deck outfitting arrangement
  • Piping and HVAC arrangement
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Electrical systems arrangement
  • 3D modelling and rendering visualization

Mechanical Engineering


On customer demand, we are ready to design, model, analyze, certify and produce extensive range of projects, systems and tasks in mechanical engineering fields.

Enginering disciplines

  • Machinery conceptual design
  • Systems schematics design
  • Machinery and deck equipment modelling
  • Foundations modelling and calculations
  • Local FEM strength calculations
  • Structural FEM based strength optimizations
  • Machinery workshop documentation
  • Deck outfitting modelling
  • Piping and HVAC routings modelling
  • Workshop isometric drawings
  • Accommodation modelling and ergonomics
  • Electrical routing modelling
  • Automation and instrumentation modelling
  • Routing workshop documentation

Renewable Energy


Our innovation insight drives us towards fringe milestones in enviroment energy extraction granting high efficiency and sustainability in trending renewable energy engineering fields.

Enginering disciplines

  • Prototype design and evaluation
  • Mathematical modelling and calculations
  • Utilization and efficiency studies
  • Motion and mechatronics analisys
  • Fluid-structure interaction CFD analisys
  • Power curve generation and analisys
  • Thermodynamic analisys
  • FEM strenght analisys and optimization
  • Prototype workshop documentation
  • Field testing and evaluation
  • Serial production optimization
  • Technical documentation certification
  • Production workshop documentation
  • Physics rendering and visualization
WE conduct business sector strategy by solving exacting engineering challenges